In Effective Algorithms for Dart, part 1 we started to talk about Algorithms and Data Structures in Dart and Flutter. We came up with the idea that Algorithms Matter. And the importance of selection of proper algorithm is crucial even in very simple cases.

Today we’ll talk about the importance…

Probably the most important part of a technical interview is the knowledge check for Algorithms and Data Structures. This is the must-have part of learning curve of a professional programmer in any language, especially for a Flutter.

The glory mission of Flutter is to write code for mobile devices. Mobile…

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I decided to start a new line of articles about Flutter and Machine Learning (ML). Why can this be a good idea? Because those are two hot topics in modern IT.

Our days, all smartphones are equipped with fantastic GPUs capable not only to run video games but also perform…

Welcome Back!

In the previous part, we saw how to connect Flutter Android App to Firestore.

There was a pretty simple app developed just to prove the connection and issue some simple requests to Firebase backend.

In this part, we’ll consider a more advanced business application, together with more realistic requests to…


Firestore is a relatively new beast on Google Cloud Platform and Firebase zoo. It’s a NoSQL cloud database (document-oriented database more precisely), tuned for reactive work with its data. …


Flutter animations are used to perform a nice visual effect in a one-time manner. But we can rework them into looping transformations using addStatusListener method:

Also, switch starting and ending animation state for each second step of “game counter”:

Classes and Objects

After tasting the basics of Dart with koans here and here, let’s play with Dart’s perfect implementation of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP).

OOP is one of the Great Ideas in IT. Before its invention, programmers used very primitive computer languages. Procedures were the sole building blocks of any program. OOP introduced…

Variables and data types

In the previous part, we started to use Koans for Dart. We know what Koan is and how to run it. Now let’s use this superpower. In this article, we will load the full staffed pack of Koans to play with Dart’s variables.

Initial code

Let’s back to our previous project in…


In the previous article we saw how to build and run Flutter programs using online IDE. Let’s use the same tool for a new interesting adventure: let’s try the taste of Dart, the core programming language of the Flutter Framework.

We’ll stand out from the path of a classic…

Intro is an online IDE for Flutter. And probably this is the fastest way to play with your first Flutter projects. FlutLab main idea is to provide an alternative to local installations of Android/IOS/Flutter SDK’s as well as Code Editors. In the tool-chain of, developers can host their projects…

Aleksey Drobnych

Software Engineer, CTO at FlutLab

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